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Our Innovator

Our Principal Message

School is a place where a child is nurtured to the esteem to become somebody in his/her life to face the world.

We want S.H.S. to be acknowledged as an institute that provides high quality education through modern and innovative techniques with a strong foundation. Every child is gifted and we must elevate his talent to its maximum potential, therefore at S.H.S, we focus on the overall development of the child and keep exploring new ways to enhance those skills by initiating the early intervention program, which is ambitious in design and tremendously successful in execution.

This inclusion program integrates special students into mainstream education, in accordance with their IEPs, by using therapies to enhance learning. The staff's unwavering commitment to the growth and development of their students, with the approach that educational attainment empowers future success, is highly commendable. I have had the pleasure of meeting with a wide variety of school superintendents, principals, teachers and counselor from around the country who spoke of the challenges they faced keeping the students focused on post secondary education during difficult economic times and we at S.H.S. are making sincere efforts to bridge this gap.